Thursday, August 5, 2010

Using Your Cell Phone as Your Primary Phone Line

Using your cell phone as you primary phone line is becoming increasily more common. As long as you can get adequate reception in your home and don't make too many international phone calls you could make it work. Yes it can be cheaper than paying 2phone bills as well. Just make sure you include enough minutes in your plan to cover all of your calls and make sure you have free long distance.

Too Many Browser Toolbars?

Do you have too many toolbars in your browswer? Multiple tool bars slow down your browsing, clutter up your screen and duplicate functionality. Many of the programs that you install will ask you to install a toolbar with them. Always select no when asked. If you already have toolbars you don't need turn them off or go into the control panel and uninstall them. Your internet browsing will be faster and more enjoyable.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft produces software updates and patches for it's operating systems and office software. These update are free and can be manually or automatically downloaded from Microsoft. Vista and Windows 7 automatically download and install their updates. Remember to set your PC to download and install its updates and patches or you are at risk for an infection.

Can a Large Monitor Increase Productivity?

Do you have a large computer monitor? It has been proven that larger monitors can actually increase productivity. Studies have shown that people performing certain tasks complete them quicker on a larger monitor. From personal experience I can say that using a program like Microsoft Outlook on a 20" monitor is significantly more efficient than using an older 17 or 19 inch.

Going on Vacation?

Are you going on vacation this summer? When you return let your computer update itself for a while before you start using it. Windows updates come out each week and your antivirus and spyware updates need to download and install themselves. Several have probably come out while you were gone. It is good for you to let your computer update itself especially before you start sending and receiving email.

Hackers and Flash Drives

Hackers are getting into American businesses by dropping memory sticks in parking lots of companies. When an employee finds one and puts it into a company PC that machine can now be infected and send out private information about the company to someone else. Be very careful about anything you insert into your PC. Don't use a memory stick unless you know what is on it.


Have you been phishing lately? I am not talking about using hooks and bait. One of the most common scams out there in the computer world is called phishing. Spammers will send you a harmless looking email that will take you to a site that will ask you for personal information. eBay, or your bank will never send you an email asking you to renew or give out personal information.